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Originally Posted by shesk8 View Post
weighted or unweighted dilemma: 60-70% weighted is optimal. unweighted molding results in overly tight fitting boots. fully weighted molding results in loose fitting boots, and possibly dropped arches if molding flat-footed.
For full customs I think the ideal would be to mold one foot at a time with 100% body weight on the foot being molded. Whether you are skating indoor short track or outdoor distances, the act of skating involves one foot at a time- only one foot is on the ground at any point. So the mold for custom boots should be made one foot at a time while the person is bearing all of their weight on that foot.

Making full custom boots is kind of a black magic: there is no single method that will result in good boots for everyone. I think Inze Bont was the best at full custom boot making. He would take the plaster foot molds that came out of the casting socks and sand down the outside of the form to "shrink" the foot size. He seemed to know exactly how much to sand off from each region of the foot so that when the boot was constructed around the plaster foot form it resulted in an excellent fitting boot that did not cause discomfort or more serious issues.
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