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Originally Posted by JLSmith526 View Post
So I just bought my first pair of speed skates. I bought the Bont Enduro's. I used the sizing guide, and that seems to be at what is recommended. Toe is touching the end but not curled or cramped.

Problem is once I get the boot on and skate about 100 ft I'm having major arch pain. I've made sure the middle of the boot is only taut and not overly tight, but I still have this pain in the arch of my foot. Maybe there isn't enough arch support, this is an issue I've had in the past a little bit with running shoes, and I've found I can only really use Brooks running shoes.

I feel like my foot is flexing in a lot of weird ways as I skate, as I am trying to figure out the whole aspect of not having ankle support.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an arch support out there that will fit in a speed skate, or should I be trying to mold the bottom of the boot up to give more support to my arch?

I'm trying to find a local coach or someone with experience to help me, but haven't had luck yet. I'm in Denver, Colorado.
Sounds like the same thing I get from lack of arch support. If the boots are not too tight you can try using generic shoe insoles to give you some support. For boots that are a bit tighter, I found the the Luigino insoles works pretty good. You may have to build up some tape or something under the arch to make it tall enough. Put the tape on the bottom side of the insole.
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