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Arch build.
I'm not sure if this would even work - it might just end up squashing your feet. But you might be able to build a custom arch-support.

I've used instamorph [] to do boot-fitting work before - on alpine boots. [To build extra thick toe-caps and the like when heat molding Intuition liners etc.] Instamorph is pretty cool stuff. It becomes mold-able at 150-160F or so and is quite hard/durable at more "normal" temperatures.

You could mold an arch and use double-stick tape to adhere it to the boot/foot-bed. Once you got something useable and that you were sure you'd keep, then gluing it with something more durable would be a good idea.

If it was under the foot-bed, it would be a lot less likely to float around too.

You can buy a bag pretty cheaply on ebay, etc.

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