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I also have a high arch and it's far to the rear. If I don't tighten the laces right I will get pain in any of my boots. For me it's works to have the laces evenly tight all the way, the same (firm, not xfirm) pressure from toe to ankle.

Next to that I have a specific insole that I use in all my boots. (But they don't fit in my Bont Jet's.) It doesn't offer arch support but it's made to stabilize; the edges are really strong and high. To my experience the extra support with remolding your boots to fit tighter around the ankle could work well.

And I make sure to have strong feet. Next to skating and cycling I walk a lot for that purpose. A tip is also to walk bare-feet at home, it really helps to strengthen your feet and keep the skin in good condition.
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