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Originally Posted by matguy View Post
With a 12 person group you can distribute shifts a bit more equal over 24 hours. Everyone does 4x 1/2 hour shifts or 2x 1 hour shifts (or whatever) rather than 4x 36 minute shifts or 2x hour and 12 minute shifts, unless you have people that'll run extra shifts, longer shifts, or whatever. Just seems like 12 is a nice number if you want equal shifts out of 24 hours.
It doesn't work like that - typically you will relay on every lap completion, so your time on track depends on how fast you are, and the shift pattern always need to be a little flexible and staggered.

In my experience a team of 10 is more than enough for speed, and the 5 person limit was good balance of speed & endurance. It slightly irks me that people compare a 6 person endurance team to the old 5 person limit. The difference is an extra 25% increase in rest time between laps - that's not insignificant.
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