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I'm going through similar, 265's and S/A XK-4's. The stock cushions are too stiff for my liking, I end up running the trucks way loose which is not entirely a bad thing but after a 30 year layoff presents..........opportunities.
I have softer cushions and reverse kingpins on the way as well.
Wheels I am finding out have a huge effect on things (when I was skating it was FoMacs and MetaFlex).
I currently am running the pink hubbed Halo' (93A), which I am certain are way too soft for me. I can actually feel the wheels flexing and seem squishy.
I have a set of Varsity + wheels on the way, they should skate more like the MetaFlex's.
I don't like the wider wheels for sure.

Oh and I didn't bust my ass and bend anything. But Lil kids on a Saturday afternoon with those silly assed PVC trainer frames going the wrong direction are again........opportunities.
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