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Default Aluminum Avenger truck adjustment

G ' morning Doc-
Seeking some of your wisedom.
If you recall I have been skating 265's with XK-4 S/A plates, Halo wheels.
I'm getting my legs back under me quite well and it's starting to come back
I did discover that my foot is no longer 18 years old, especially after breaking my left foot twice within 6 months (ice hockey, defenseman, blocking shots)
The 265's were killing my feet from the arch forward regardless of lacing, sizing was good.

Xmas bonus came in and I pulled the trigger on a pair of Solaris boots paired up with aluminum Avengers. I will be rolling either white Shamans or narrow Varsity +.

Totally ignorant on D/A tuning. What are some good starting points for tuning the trucks?
Of particular interest is pivot ball adjustment, I am not sure how to adjust it for the correct action, especially the way I am sure I will be adjusting the kingpins.

Current S/A setup is stock cushions, trucks are pretty loose for snappy, quick agility.
Session skater, no real speed skating (all inlines in my area).

Thanks in advance.
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