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Default Street skating events

I have not seen this mentioned in SLF for many years. It’s time for a reminder...

Ciclavia is a worldwide event that temporarily closes city streets to motor vehicles and opens them for people to skate, walk, run, bicycle, skateboard, unicycle, dance, Zumba, yoga, exercise, kid bounce housing (is that a term?), crafting, food trucks, and otherwise play in the streets. This is for sunshine aficionados, 100% (weather permitting). It’s free, safe, family-friendly, festive atmosphere, strong sense of community pride and lots of human kindness. Yes, kindness. How heartwarming is that? People and pets dressed in costumes, decorated bicycles, kids pulling wagons full of stuffed animals – get the picture? Even if you have driven these streets a thousand times, you notice more details when you travel them at walking/skating speed. So fun. Occasionally museums, theaters, and institutions along the route will open their doors for free admission, tours and events.

Many cities have Ciclavia events several times a year. Routes vary in length from maybe two to ten miles. Porta potties along route, at least here in Los Angeles. A quick Interweb search shows events in New York, Portland, San Antonio, Wichita, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Tucson, and St Louis. There are prolly many more cities. Also, the event may go by other names, like “Open Street Day.”

For skaters and skateboarders there are additional places to skate on the closed side streets that cross the route. Shredding opportunities abound! Look for good pavement and a mildly sloping side street. And I have found that most the human traffic is in the street, leaving many of the sidewalks along the route open for cruising.

The next Ciclavia in the Los Angeles area is March 3rd.
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