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Question Deck Height Or Something Else?

A year ago I bought a pair of Doop skates ( Skates that attach to normal shoes. Sometimes it is nice if you don't have carry a pair of shoes, but can just take off your skates.

You can buy them different types of frames and I got them with a 3x110 setup. Big wheels roll better and normally I am on 4x110. And I didn't yet have a 3x110 frame.

Unfortunately, from the start they were very unstable on rough surface. They are perfectly fine on smooth tarmac. But horrible on rough tarmac or brick roads.

I assumed that the concept was just a bad idea and planned to mount the frames on normal speed skating boots. Last Friday put them on my old Fila F100 boots and went to the Amsterdam Friday Night skate. It was a disaster. I could easily keep up on smooth tarmac, but I could barely skate on brick roads, etc. Way worse even then when I used them in the original doop skate configuration.

I have used a Cado Motus 4x110 frame on those Fila boots for years. So I was really surprised that 3x110 would be so extremely unstable.

Looking at the frames I assumed the difference was due to deck height. But when I measured both frames, the Cado Motus frame measures 105 mm at the front and 115 mm at the rear (give or take a mm, I can't measure that accurately). The doop frame measures 110mm at the front and 120mm at the rear.

So the difference is roughtly 5mm. It that really what is causing the instability or is something else going on?
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