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Originally Posted by kufman View Post
I have never liked 3 wheels setups of any kind on rough surfaces including 3x125. I use a 5x80 frame for my 3x125 setup. On a rough surface, I would much rather have the 5x80 instead of the 3x125. Just like bjvircks, fewer wheels equals rougher ride and a bigger chance for the wheels to take wicked detours on the edges of bricks or cracks in the road. Think of it this way, 3 wheels setups are essentially teeter totters that pivot about the middle wheel. If your skates are only touching the ground on the middle wheel while going over a bump, then it doesn't take much force to make your skate spin around by pivoting about that 2nd wheel.
I experienced the center wheel pivot "wicked detours" for the first time last week while slaloming down a hill to scrub speed. Initially, I thought the short(er) 12.6" frame was great that I could slalom until the pivoting direction change occurred! Was talking about it yesterday with another 3x125 skater, saying I found the 3X setups Achilles heel. He said it happened to him at speed and was dangerously scary!

So, I have been wondering if the 3X setup would be less prone to pivot and more stable if the wheel layout would be OO--O rather than the status quo O-O-O setup? The OO--O wheel setup could also allow for a slightly lower deck height. I haven't thought out the drawbacks of OO--O wheel orientation. Any ideas?
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