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If you are staying right there in that hotel, you are within a 20 minute drive of at least 100 restaurants, so it depends on what you want.

Right next to you is the Millrose Brewing Company, which is a high quality steak type place. Across the street is the Ram, I think, a nice pace across from the AMC Theaters. Just south down Barrington road you'll hit Higgins, and then Golf further south - and up and down both of those streets (as well as Barrington) are tons of places.

Lone Star, Macaroni Grill, Sam and Erma's, Buona Beef, Garibaldi's, Ihop, Chili's - all are within a mile. Schaumburg and Hoffman are loaded with good places, including Giordano's, Uno and Lou Malnati's for pizza/Italian...

Over by me in Dundee (10 minutes or so west) is a great Mexican place called North of the Border and a couple of your typical Greek places.

That got you started?
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