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Mark, I just have to say WOW. What a great marathon time. Congrats. And, I LOVE the pictures.

August 12

Did a repeat of the 44 miler on hills we did a couple of weeks ago with John J. Jon B and Napalm did half, also the same as last time. While they were throwin' it down, I was having quite a hard time of it. My feet were really giving me a lot of trouble. Unbearable pain in the left, cramping in the right. You would think this was the first time I put on these skates or something. Anyway, Jon will give you his report, but they were really doing awesome this weekend. He was on some 5x80's and he was really flying up those hills. Napalm too - they were working together and leaving us in the dust. John and I finished in 3:08 something, 4:15ish pace. John J wasn't feeling very well either.

August 13

31 mile bike ride in San Antonio - we go for the hills! It was a beautiful ride on long quiet country roads. John J. had to get back by 9:30 am so we had to shorten the route a bit. From what I was told, we missed all of the monster hills at the end of the main route. Oh well, next time.

August 14

10 hill sprints at Upper Tampa Bay trail, with fun mile and a half mad dash back to the car trying to catch a cyclist. I didn't catch him, but he hadn't just done 10 hill repeats

Tonight - yoga
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