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Hi guys!

Thanks for approving membership, Jessica

I recently bought a pair of Seba High Black based on forum posts from Skatelog. So thanks to all members sharing info about that model. I'm very pleased with it apart from the very narrow fit. I'm looking into ways of blocking out the boot to allow for extra space to accommodate mild hallux valgus/bunion. Will need to check with Seba if the material can withstand heating and moulding.

I'm 38 years of age, new to inline (apart from a summer vacation when I was 15), from Oslo, fairly good balance and body control and I'm looking to rocker my wheels soon. That will be the next thing I'm researching, especially what type of wheels and hardness. For instance, in banana rockering, do people use same wheel hardness or different in front, back or middle. I'm looking at a pair of Gyro GFR Slalom and Gyro Alice.

Good to be part of this great community

Edit: Is it possible to move this to the "Artistic Roller Skaters - Introduce Yourselves!" section? Thanks in advance.

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