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lets just say the answer for many of them will be simply... 'disappeared'...

seriously, that is part of the problem with our sport, so many of the 'greats' just fall off the planet after they come and blow us away with their amazing talent... and very few fail to continue to take it any further and continue on with a 'normal life'.. and there's nothing wrong with that, its just a shame b/c if 1 in every 2 world medalist' would stick around and work within the sport in some way, shape or form, we could raise the profile enormously and gain so much more from these athletes to pass on to others...

one of the saddest things about that also is, that many of the younger skaters grow up in the sport without knowing or working alongside a 'champion' etc.. and lacks that 'drive' to go the extra mile knowing that their coach or fellow skater has been to worlds, won a medal and achieved their goal...

My all time hero when I was 13 was Tim McGuire, he was the first world champion I knew of via videos... I tracked down his mailing address, wrote him a letter and he responded, a great inspirational piece that drove me beyond my wildest dreams.... it was a turning point for me and my next dream was to meet him.. He retired after that very world meet and was never to be seen again..

The closest I came to meeting him was at the world meet in 1992 when his former coach, Bev Schien, was there working with Tracy Black and I ran up to her saying how in awe I was of Tim and how I had modelled every single jump element I did on his technique (thank you God!)....

so there we go..
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