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Originally Posted by rolaboi View Post
OMG for the first time I've been stumped by a few names! in that last post! oh boy!!! every name ever mentioned on here I've been "yeh, i know them - they are great".. but in your post (pacificsk8r) you caught me out! I'd love to know more... who were: David Tassinari, Diane Kern, Darlene Barile & Linda Hawthorne... Sylvia Hafke, wonderful! we all know and love her. .she also invented the 'invterted camel' spin... god love her, my favourite spin of all time...

yeh, tom moneypenny (hi Tony) won in 87 from memory.. hmmm I could be wrong there! not sure... I didnt really know him, just of him..

as for Jim Pringle, yes.. great coach and he has been to Australia a few times also..

i almost miss read your post Jayson and thought u didnt know Sylvia Haffkle, yes she invented the invertert and i also thought the heel and broken ankle. she actually coached at my x rink a few years and Derick the year he took 2nd at nationals in junior men,,,Eric worked and coached him too that year.

David Tassinari is here from Mass and goes way back skating when Sylvia was around, he did singles, fours, dance and it all. he is coaching in the area now and retired from a teaching career. I heard of Diane Kern but dont know the others myself.

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