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Originally Posted by AussieScott View Post
I was there for the final session and what a great night it was.
I was there for the last night also. It was cool, seeing all the faces that came out of the woodwork for it, and it wouldn't have been Campbelltown without the fight at the end of the night.
It had changed though, from a couple of blokes punching to an idiot stating he was going home to get his cousins and a gun!! I don't think the guys who started the trouble were even in the rink though.
I will see what I can do for you, I have a full day of racing from Campbelltown where we went up to Macarthur Square and raced the road events after.
Did you skate Campbelltown much?? As I have mentioned previously, I had the opportunity to live there when Gary and Sue owned the rink, so all I had to do was roll out of bed and I was at work each day, and whenever I wanted I could throw my skates on and get into it.
Ahhh, the memories.
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