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Default first day up report (OUCHIES!) ;)

had some family things going on and to be honest, I think I had a little bit of the willies, so I postponed a couple of weeks. but finally on monday, I joined the club and last night had my first practice.

well, it was interesting, I'll say that. a few extra pounds packed on added to my age (64), it was disconcerting to say the least. I expected more from myself but after a few minutes, I had to laugh at any expectations whatsoever.

I got out there and started rolling around. I find it interesting that I am such a beginner now! I mean I'm not and I know what to do, which is posture and stay over the skate and don't be too aggressive until balance returns. but it was hard. I found just stroking is not easy. I know HOW to stroke, how to move, but my balance isn't there yet. so even lifting one foot and extending is nearly impossible. but I was determined to keep trying. round and round.

after an hour of round and round, round and round, I found myself very tired. but did I listen to my body? of course not.

I did take a break but really, should have taken off my skates and come back the next day. instead I got right back out there and did something...I'll be damned if I can figure what but I did something, lost my balance, stumbled around, doing the not gonna fall tapdance until I collapsed on my keister, breaking the fall with my thumb of all things! ha! so today I have a sore wrist...jammed my thumb but good. I think the extra pounds saved me to be honest. padded that fall, no damage to the tailbone and that was fine.

after that I continued to roll around STILL, dope that I am. I felt I had to keep the muscles moving because I was concerned about them cramping up or hurting me later. I kept that up another five or ten minutes until I found myself sweating and really really tired. So I said to myself, "SELF tomorrow is another day" and stumbled off the floor, removed my skates from my poor beleaguered feet. (buying cosmetic pads today before getting over to the rink) I checked my trucks and they're not right....unevenly adjusted so tomorrow John at the rink is going to straighten that out for me. in this sport there's always a John to help. (thank you John)

this morning aside from the sore wrist, the rest of me is strangely okay. no soreness to speak of. no extreme tiredness. I think it's the situps. so after I finish this, I'll get in there and do my situps and later this morning, downstairs I will go, to work the treadmill and the eliptical and later today I'll get over to my rink and do another hour (or however long I can go...THIS TIME I'M LISTENING TO MY BODY) until I build up my stamina and my balance.

moral of the story: I WILL do this.

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