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Originally Posted by quantoo View Post
your the only 1 experimenting with a cushion tester that i know of .
Is that an electric motor? and how do you adjust the amount of pressure/ rotation.
Is it synumeric?
The motor is non-funcioning. It is only used as the axis for the arm to rotate on. Soon as I get the tension arm made and installed, videos coming...
The arm is rotated, the truck moves with it, but the shaft(KingPin) and cushions resist rotation. A scale at the end of the arm will be used to measure the resistance. So I can move the arm, say 10 degrees, measure resistance in pounds or whatever. Move it another 5 degrees and check again. As the resistance ramps up, the poundage goes up. Surprisingly the yellows with cups just flat out gave up and were nearly crushed at 25 degrees. Give me a week or so and I'll have the tension-er/scale in place and working.
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