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Radius plate mounted. It's function is to assure linear pulling force at the scale. Not shown is an arm that an eye bolt will used to put force to the scale. The eye bolt pulls the scale, the scale pulls a cable that runs around the radius plate, moving the arm. As the arm is moved toward the eye bolt mount, the cushions are compressed/distorted and trying to resist the movement. This resistance is measured on the scale. Since the center of the axis is app. 12 inches from the axis, the measurement will be in pound/ft.

Not long now! If I have enough time tomorrow, I could be finished....but my nice welding hood is at work.... not at home.... grrrr....!!! Maybe I can bear through it with a plain old backup hood... lol

On another project, I am already collecting parts for the wheel dyno. It will be a dyno, if I can configure the resistance to be read consistently. There are two ways to measure the roll of a wheel, timed or measure resistance. I was going for timed, but resistance measuring is only a step or two more involved.
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