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Very nice!

It's a bit easier to follow if the pics show up here.

Originally Posted by fierocious1 View Post
Finally go it finished! Sorry for the mess around it, I am having to work indoors in a storage area we have. Using it right now for a makeshift work area.

This shows the completed mechanical linkage of the tester.
Truck putting pressure on the yellow set of cushions. Also shows radius arm in play. by fierocious1, on Flickr

Tensioner arm and scale arrangement.
Tension gauge and adjustable pull rod to set the angles. by fierocious1, on Flickr

Radius arm and pull cable.
Pull cable leaving the radius as the angle is increased. by fierocious1, on Flickr

Truck/cushion/KP assembly. Kingpin rod is used as the fixed part that restricts and holds the cushions in place during the testing.
Pull cable leaving the radius as the angle is increased. by fierocious1, on Flickr

Indicator assembly. Photo is a little distorted for some reason. But as the cushion stack is assembled and compressed, I will be setting the arm to no slack movement. In other words no slop, snug with no flop in the arm assembly. Then the indicator is placed at zero, then everything lines up.
Adjustable zero angle indicator. by fierocious1, on Flickr

Thinking of putting a ball or something on the end for looking at the degree lines, but tired now and happy at least it works.

Interested in getting some readings in a few days. Going to gather up some various cushions to install into the tester, different shapes and sizes.

Anyway, just glad to have this one in working order now. I'm sure I could make a couple of mods but it is a working tester as is.

Ya'll enjoy!
I am!

Flickr has a right pointing arrow at the bottom of their interface. Click on that and select the BBCode option and copy/paste the result in your text (no need for clicking the insert image icon here since all the wrapper code has been done by Flickr.

I'm looking forward to more pics and results!

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