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Thanks for your responses, it's really useful to hear your recommendations. Fair to say I know very little about quad skates, so still trying to get my head around the choices I need to make in choosing suitable plates.

I probably won't need toe stops, as I know how to stop well enough and won't be racing competitively to need fast starts. I haven't tried yet, but going for a shorter frame sounds like a good approach, as long as it won't make the skates unstable for outdoors rolling over twigs or stones.

To clarify my objectives, I expect to use the quad skates for quite casual skating, nothing competitive. I know myself well enough though to expect that when I'm on them I will want to be able to go fast sometimes. At the same time one of my main reasons for getting quads is to be able to do dance stuff that I can't do on my 110mm inline speed wheels. The idea to get quads came after trying some rentals at a roller disco and enjoying generally fooling around with more agile turns and shuffles.
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