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Originally Posted by evilzzz View Post
I had no idea this existed. Not sure I can make it this year but looks great
It's the second edition. Several years ago (in fact, a lot of years ago) there was a Skating Marathon or Half Marathon in Madrid (I was one time, when I was a teenager), but during the last years there wasn't any until last year.

Now, in this second edition, is expected more than 700 skaters for the Half Marathon (21K) , more than 200 skaters for the Marathon (42K), and about 1300 for the 6K. Well... I'm afraid there will be only a few Quad Skaters (I guess)....

However, as far as I know, there will be some world champions and european champions next Sunday. For example, last year was Patxi Peula, the current World Champion in 10000 points. He was the one who won last year Madrid Marathon.

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