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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Another way to mark the front center point is to put the boot on and find the point in between your second and third toe, then mark that spot.
Draw a line across those points, from
the heel to toe. Use this as a guide for the
centering of your plate. When you do mount your
plate, the front of the plate should not point to
the exact middle or apex of the front, but more
between the second and third toes.
Thanks - I get the theory about the second/third toe, but when my foot is in the boot how exactly do I mark this accurately on the outside of the boot, I can't see my toes! It is one of those best guesses (and a couple of mm out makes no difference?) or is there some trick I'm not aware of?

Same goes for the ball of my foot. I can tell the general area but I'm not sure how accurate I can be marking the centre of the ball/point of pressure on the outside of the boot.
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