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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Viewed from above the wheels should be the same, so use tape for temporary placement and irreguardless of measurements, the wheels want to stick out the same on both sides, as seen from above.
So this means evenness of wheels trumps where the centreline of your foot may be? This probably makes sense as although second/third toe is the guide, I suppose this will differ widely between people depending on foot shape, toe spread etc but the centre of balance/weight will be broadly the same for all and more to the centre of the shoe? At least I assume that's the theory why equal balance in the wheels to the centre of the boot trumps a 'true' centreline.

Please tell me if this sounds or is a load of old rubbish and where I'm going wrong!

Current plan is to align the front axle pretty much under the ball of my foot, then centre from there. This will leave the centre around inside half of my second toe, and the heel axle around 2cm forward of what would be considered a 'normal' position (assuming normal places the plate towards the rear of the heel).

Its going to be interesting trying these out when I've got this done!
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