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Default Que Pasa?

As previously stated by Jessica, much has transpired while the Forum was down. I'm still in the midst of a work cycle (60hr slam), but opted to try and bring the board up to date, without boring anyone with too many details. The rehash is 2 weeks vacation up north with no intense skating, total of about 39 miles the whole time, mostly tiny jots of 3 - 6 miles. Once back started to try and get it all back, I believe I started on 100's, and just couldn't click. Not knowing if the problem was insufficient oxygenation due to donating two units of RBC's, the period of time without serious skating, or the set-up, but I was sucking bad with most runs averaging 12 - 13.3 mph on 100's over 119 miles in the next 2 weeks. From there I switched to Hyper Neutron 90's and did 32 miles the next week in 3 jaunts running from 12.6 - 14.2 mph. Still not happy, and definitely into experimentation I went to 4x88 for a week and did 83 miles in 5 outings running between 13.6 & 15.3, the 13.6 being a 36 mile trek in a relatively "relaxed" manner. That led me to 3 more excursions in the next 4 days on 5x80's doing a total of 48 miles, 36 on hills with speeds from 14.3 to 14.7. All of this to bring me to the conclusion that, at least until after A2A I'll be running 5x80. The speeds were comparable to the 4x88 set-up for me, loads better than the 90's or 100's, but with the added benefit of 10 points off my average HR to settle in the 155 range. That brings us up to date. JB
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