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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
That cannot be much fun.
Well, I have giant feet so long plates were expected on the newbie gear. Those are essentially the skates that I learned on, so while I can't turn quickly without breaking traction, I'm used to them...

I typically aim to put the front axle at the front of the ball of the foot.
Ok, so basically if everything were compressed, the axle would end up in the bend in my toes right between the ball and the toe pads? At my big toe, or wherever the front-most part of my foot lands?

I never mount plates on the center line of the boot.
I find that as long as the front axle is located @ the front of the ball of the foot and the plate is centered under the shoe there you are in the sweet spot.
Italics mine, I'm not quite following...

When I look down at the mounted skate, there should be even amounts of axle sticking out from the left as from the right, in both front and back? I noticed last night that I see a little more wheel on the inside of the skates than the outside, at least up front.

Thanks a ton.
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