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Originally Posted by Tumblena109 View Post
Hi again, I looked on the Riedell website to see the specs for the cushions in my skates, it does not mention the hardness of these standard cushions that came with the skates, R3s.

May I ask which hardness is best? It seems to be based on the skaters height and weight, I am 5'6" 125 lbs so does that make me light weight or middle weight?

I would hate to have too soft, as when i skate down hill I zig zag as if skiing and I worry if the cushions are too soft this method may not work.

Thanks for your help.

I don't speak Riedell cushions, just Sure Grip. Don't worry. They are the same size. But the colors and durometers are different from the SG and Riedell. SG cushions are as follows, softest to hardest. Blue, Yellow, Purple, Red. If you don't want to go too soft, I'd guess yellows would be the way to go. The next consideration is whether to use all barrel, or to use a barrel and cone setup. The barrel and cone setup will have an easier initial turn in. All barrel will be a bit firmer.

As for scrubbing speed zig-zagging, a softer cushion should not adversely effect that. It should in fact make it easier. Scrubbing speed is getting that extra little push at the apex of the turn that pushes the wheels into the ground, providing a braking effect. You should find it easier and more controllable with a softer cushion. I think that a HARD really sideways scrub, AKA hockey stop, is better with hard cushions. But scrubbing with a zig-zag should be easier with a softer cushion.
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