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Based on my experience that chart is way on the high side for a 170 pound person, at least on the high end of the speed. Likely they had people with poor form sprinting.

1200 per hour would be some pretty intense skating. I weigh about 170 now, but I was closer to 160 about a year ago. I use Endomondo with a heart rate monitor from about late April to mid July. I burnt anywhere from 500-1000 calories per hour depending on the workout last year. This does seem to be pretty accurate because I connected in MyFitnessPal and tracked my intake at the same time, and the weight lost seemed to match up pretty well with their estimates. Some of my workouts had average heart rates close to 180, and others were closer to 140. Some were intervals, and others were pretty close to steady state.

Note that this does include the "base state metabolism". If for some reason you just put on skates and stood there you would still burn calories because your organs like to function and your body likes to keep warm. Some charts will only show you the the energy spent on the sport, which would explain roughly a 100 calorie difference in my case. The inclusion of the BSM is actually a bit of a pain for me. I set my calorie expenditure for the day, and MyFitnessPal automatically adds the calories burnt by working out. But that means the BSM calories during my workout are actually double counted (once in the daily expenditure, and once in the exercise), so I have to subtract them back out by resetting the daily allotment. That isn't a problem if I work out two hours every day, but when I can work out anywhere from 2 to 6 it is a minor annoyance.

Anyway, I would suggest getting a heart rate monitor you can connect to your phone. It's going to be more accurate based on your mechanics, hills, wind, using estimated instead of measured speed (especially if you aren't perfectly constant), etc. than a simple chart. They only cost about $50.
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