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Originally Posted by GraySk8ter View Post
Surgery was late in November. Doctor kept me on the sidelines for four weeks, but I have been back at it since latter part of December. Now I am being
treated with radiation therapy to prevent a re-occurrence of cancer.

I am skating twice a week now and I usually make it for about two hours a session before I throw in the towel. Would go more often and skate longer sessions, but arthritis in left foot flares up and I have to curtail my activity. Will attempt to find relief for the foot after this cancer thing is behind me. I'm not complaining, I am very thankful to be able to skate. I just would like to be able to skate really hard and long(was able to until last summer).

Keep rollin
Ironic really, I'm 50 and I can "only" find time for 2 two hour sessions a week. Still that's pretty good, I could enjoy 2 hours everyday really, but that's not going to happen.

Most people I know who are near my age seem frustrated with their sedimentary life style, then call me nuts for skating "at my age." It really bleeds over into satisfaction at home and work.

Keep skating.
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