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Default New Skating Group Advice Please

Hi Everyone :-)

I'm after a bit of advice on inline skates. I am an artistic skater (quads) and I recently started a learn to skate group in my small town. it has been going really well and at the end of last year I did a little bit of quad speed skating with some of my adult students (trying to remember some of what I learned when I did speed skating as a kid in the 80's!). They really loved it and have been after me to do some more this year so I have been thinking about starting a road skating group. I do not have much experience with inlines, but I reckon that they would be the best choice for skating on the road. My initial idea was to go and buy a couple of $20 pairs of second hand skates and just give it a go, but as I live in New Zealand there doesn't seem to be many adult sized second hand inlines for sale. Those that are for sale are hockey skates and are going for over $100. I can get a cheap pair brand new for $100 but they seem a bit plastic-y.

So... what would you recommend? should I:
a) get some super cheap new skates
b) splash out a bit ($200-300NZD) on slightly better new skates
c) buy the second hand hockey skates
d) or go for the wildcard and get some speed skates from china (aliexpress). they sure look flash

thanks for your consideration
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