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Originally Posted by KiwiCowgirl View Post
Hi Everyone :-)

I'm after a bit of advice on inline skates. I am an artistic skater (quads) and I recently started a learn to skate group in my small town. it has been going really well and at the end of last year I did a little bit of quad speed skating with some of my adult students (trying to remember some of what I learned when I did speed skating as a kid in the 80's!). They really loved it and have been after me to do some more this year so I have been thinking about starting a road skating group. I do not have much experience with inlines, but I reckon that they would be the best choice for skating on the road. My initial idea was to go and buy a couple of $20 pairs of second hand skates and just give it a go, but as I live in New Zealand there doesn't seem to be many adult sized second hand inlines for sale. Those that are for sale are hockey skates and are going for over $100. I can get a cheap pair brand new for $100 but they seem a bit plastic-y.

So... what would you recommend? should I:
a) get some super cheap new skates
b) splash out a bit ($200-300NZD) on slightly better new skates
c) buy the second hand hockey skates
d) or go for the wildcard and get some speed skates from china (aliexpress). they sure look flash

thanks for your consideration
Hi KiwiCowgirl,

you're from New Zealand ? I love that place, it's wonderful !
many might not agree with me but really, i believe this is the best budget idea as a beginner. once you are a pro, then you can invest in something better. of course some here may say to just go ahead and buy a renowned brand like K2 or Rollerblade, theyre around 200-300$. will last long and comfy. if you think that's a good idea, then go ahead. theres so many awesome skates so be careful before you buy something. we like to help !

dont buy too cheapy skates. you need good bearings, very important! or you'll feel tired and the skating experience will be dreadful. just like touring on a bicycle, you wanna glide around in speed and bliss, so bearings are the same. you want good bearings to be in motion, hopefully for a longer time yet with satisfying speed. cheap skates dont have that. how much more required on rough unpredictable tarmac.

here's what you do for the budget idea:
get a decent pair of inline skates that looks tough/well built and able to last long, not speed skates from aliexpress. please be mindful of the skate frame for the wheels. choose preferably metallic. a cheap but decent pair of inline can be around 70-90$ with shipping i think. choose carefully, theres so many.

then you spend another 30$ for a decent set of black ceramic bearings. black is harder and better than white ceramic bearings and generally better than metal. high quality metal bearings are good and worth it but also more expensive. dont be fooled by fake twincam bearings in aliexpress, most are fake. doubt you can find any genuine twincams.

in aliexpress, wait until you receive your goods and are satisfied with them to only then click "confirm goods received". after that, the payment will be released from aliexpress to the seller. so if there is any issue with your purchase on arrival. you can start a "dispute", and if it need be, aliexpress will intervene and be the judge whether you get a refund. i am sure they are lenient and reasonable. you can upload pictures and videos there. so through this, it is quite secure.

if you have extra money left, spend on good quality wheels that are 85A to 90A hardness. these type of wheels will last longer on general roads.
if you need further help , i'd be glad to perhaps pm you a good seller there for the bearings.

why not speedskates you ask ..? well, they are kind of pricey and they dont have proper comfort or shock absorption. i even hear that cornering may not be easy. the triskates are a good idea for urban skating but it is pricey. so if you can afford speed skates, getting triskates from renowned brand or good urban skates is a better idea. speed skates dont have brakes, so you need to do T-stops.

oh ya, get 80mm wheels too, they are bigger, last longer and same price of 72 and 76mm.
i bought my skates from china but not through aliexpress, i was there personally to test it. its great, cheap and comfy, bearings were ilq7 so i had to change them.

i bought other things through aliexpress like bearings and wheels. i really like mine - i'll share a pic of mine later on
be mindful of the proper size and just observe the built design of the skates. skates around this budget are usually full hardboot. if you do buy a more expensive skates, go for the best, dont go mediocre or else you need to spend again for better bearings. oh ya ! please be careful when buying, make sure the wheels are all the same sizes. some sellers have the habit of selling wheels that are sized 72, 76,76,72mm. that means a banana/rockered setup. it is more for slalom , curvy. you dont want that for general urban skating / freestlye.
i'd be very happy if i get to help ya and well hope these do help for now, regards !

This video below is officially from seba skates, one of the most famous brand for inline skates having a large event in china. you'd be surprised how many people do skate in china, and their stuff isn't as bad as people think. skates arent high tech rockets, they can be well made with the current tech. im sure many popular branded skates are actually made in china and then shipped to the rest of the world. i was in tianjin last year too, same location.

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