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Bearings - there is a big difference between absolute trash and good bearings. There is very little difference between good and great. Ceramic (of a good enough quality to last without chipping - there are even different grades of black ceramic) are expensive - on the order of $170 (USD) if you find a good sale. Wheels make a much bigger difference. Top of the line steel bearings are about $70, and good bearings are available for $50. Bones Reds are available for less than $30, but they will wear out and have to be replaced in about a season if you skate enough and don't do very regular maintenance.

Also, to be clear, I am not saying all Chinese stuff is junk. Very good stuff comes from there (include stock Bonts, I believe). However, aliexpress is full of cheap knock offs which are made with cheap materials from sellers who merely see the shape of skates and think they can make them cheap and undersell the established brands. If you have a frame made out of a lower quality aluminum it is much more likely to bend or break while skating. That requires you to buy another frame at the least, and may cause a crash as well.
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