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Hi Steve,

Thanks for that! I will definitely check out the you tube channel. We are just heading into winter here so I've got a couple months to make a decision. I live in a really small town (about 1500-2000 people) and most of the time we don't have sidewalks, let alone paved recreational paths so all of our outdoor skating will be done on the road. Climate wise I think we are pretty similar. We don't get much snow (if any) in the winter, but we get some pretty shocking wind.

I'm keeping an eye on 'Trademe' (that's our local ebay) to see what pops up. It's good to hear that Hockey skates may be an option. Especially for our group. Most of the skaters will be advanced beginners (skated for 6 months to 1 year) so we are not going to need anything expensive, it's really just to try it out. The learn to skate classes that I run are all about introducing people to the whole wide world of skating rather than focussing on a specific discipline.

I will let you know when we start trying things out. I'm also looking forward to hearing your experiences!
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