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Smile Fun!

Kiwi, hi! thanks for your reply and your description of your skating area and town. I honestly don't know which skate is best if you have long stretches of open road; it might not be hockey skates if that is pretty much the majority case. Of course, in town, hockey skates with non-hockey 80mm outdoor wheels (like the Gyro F2Rs that Bill mentions in one of his videos) would be ideal. Everyone's situation is different. I just would like to be able to ride down a couple stairs and maybe jump a curb or two. lol #happytime

Here's Stoppard's channel (I think it's one of the most viewed inline channels in YT these days--he's quite an engaging fellow). Here's some tips from him, all in laced hockey skates. :-)

And this, which is plenty fast enough for me. Some would say that he (us) could only keep up that pace for a limited amount of time, and I buy that. I just want to log 5-10 miles and have fun; I have no desire for a long straight (boring?) slog of 20 miles on an open road like a speed or marathon skater. (yawn!)

It sure will be fun to see what your skate group decides as their preferred skating locale and style.

Sounds like you do have time to decide. Stay cool Kiwi. And "Stay Loooowww".


PS Bonus video: $199 Falcon Eagles (not hockey skates, but 80mm wheels): skate like a girl! Wow, what I wouldn't give to skate like this.
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