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Hi Steve,

I watched the videos! He is pretty entertaining :-) I think that has sorted some stuff out. We shall be going with whatever we can find cheap to start with (be that hockey or recreational skates) and then maybe get some better skates once we've worked out what we want to do. I'm with you on the 5-10 miles vs. 20! I reckon we'll just explore to start out with, figure out what everyone is capable of and what the roads are like, get the hang of the inlines, put some miles on.

I loved the 'skate like a girl' video. Most of the candidates for this outdoor group are like me, 30something mums with other skating experience (artistic, derby, ice hockey) I think they'll get a kick out of it so I posted it on my facebook page (Wairarapa Rollersports - shameless plug there!).

Thanks for sharing :-)
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