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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
How about the old-school loose-ball axle threads? Are these also a 9/32-32?

They are... but they are not exactly the same diameter. The loose ball axles are slightly larger in diameter, standard 7mm bearings will not fit on the axles.

I ask, because I have installed some longboard wheels on my Snyder Advantage plates for outdoor skating. The bearing spacing on the longboard wheels is wider, so there is less axle protruding through the wheels.

Uh huh, about 0.10" to be in the ball park.

As a result, I cannot do the standard, which is tighten the nylock nuts down until just loose to allow for free-rolling of the wheels.

Let's pause here for a second. What you described as "standard" is not optimum. Radial bearings are not designed to be run that way. They are designed to be run with the balls in the center of the race. Tightening them to the point you describe pulls the balls from the center of the races and holds them on the sides of the grooves. Not ideal to say the least.

I had to install bearing spacers, flip over the nylock nuts, and tighten them down to the bearings to allow for free-rolling. But, I do not think that any of the aluminum threads are threading onto the axles, so I am a bit nervous.

I was intending on trying to use the loose-ball lucking nuts to tighten down to the bearings.
Wish you had told me you were going to do this. I would have put longer axles in the trucks.
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