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You guys post some really big distance numbers. Youíre definitely whacked. But for me, Hmmm, Iím not really sure. For the past year I have been doing a sunrise to sunset skate session (obsession session?) about once a week. I do take breaks for water and coffee, but I donít eat. Fun trumps food and Iím way too pumped up to eat. The result is a 10-hour + day of speed runs, hill shredding, dancing and the simple pleasures of ďriding the concrete wave.Ē And as a bonus, I go home with one of lifeís greatest feeling combos: worn out and happy. I love that feeling.

Kinda reminds me of the 1950ís research experiment where a rat can press a lever in its cage that stimulates an electrode planted in the pleasure center of its brain. There is food and water in the cage, but the rat never eats or drinks. Instead, it presses the lever thousands and thousands of times until it collapses from exhaustion. Yeah, skating is kinda like that.
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