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Originally Posted by BigFoot View Post
...I have been doing a sunrise to sunset skate session (obsession session?) about once a week... the rat never eats or drinks. Instead, it presses the lever thousands and thousands of times until it collapses from exhaustion. Yeah, skating is kinda like that.
Last week, due to fabulous weather, I took two extra days off from work so I would have 4 days in a row to skate. I started at 10am when the fitness path is deserted on weekdays and skated until it got dark enough use my blinkie bike lights to skate back to the house.

So I left the house ON SKATES at 10am and got home ON SKATES around 5:15pm. Sure I took some breaks but mostly just tuned into some jams and skating miles and miles just to get the "feel good" drugs manufactured in my brain.

After three days of 6+ hours on skates I just couldn't manage the 4th day. It was really windy and cold so I stayed inside and cleaned the house. I felt fulfilled and buzzed listening to the same tunes I played skating the previous three days. play list was exactly 6 hours and I used up EVERY song on it!

I guess you could call this an obsession.
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