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Originally Posted by Vadim View Post
Stupid stones? Well, I have same problem, but the difference is that I'm already on 90x4 inlines. Still fall. Yes, longer wheelbase give stability, but don't expect that switching to inlines will fix the problem entirely.

Sit as low as possible. Don't try to double-push. Use longer setup 90x4 (100x4 will go too) and a full set of protection. Since stones as antipersonnel mines are always ready
Naw man! I thought they must just pop out of the way of curved inline wheels, rather than act like doorstoppers on the flat faces of quad wheels!

I'll definitely still be wearing protection for my training, but how do so many inline skaters get away without wearing protection if it's still easy to fall? I rarely see pics of inline skaters wearing more than wrist guards.

Anyway I'm pretty sure now that I'll go for Seba Trix 2 90 skates.. should I seriously consider 100s now instead? 4x100 is such a long wheel base that I cannot imagine feeling very nimble in anything other than a straight line.
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