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Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
Naw man! I thought they must just pop out of the way of curved inline wheels, rather than act like doorstoppers on the flat faces of quad wheels!
Haven't tried quads but inlines must perform (on stones) better. But you'll loose the grip for a moment anyway.
I stumble on stones 10-15 times in a season, this one was lucky one with zero falls, previous one with 2 falls.

Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
but how do so many inline skaters get away without wearing protection if it's still easy to fall?
Maybe they skate where there are no stones? Dirt, sand and puddles in a park are easier to cope with. Stones is an attribute of motor roads (at least here where I am) and everything that is unlucky to happen too close to them.

Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
Anyway I'm pretty sure now that I'll go for Seba Trix 2 90 skates.. should I seriously consider 100s now instead? 4x100 is such a long wheel base that I cannot imagine feeling very nimble in anything other than a straight line.
Well, 10.8" 90x4 was enough for me to start having problems with crossovers. They weren't nimble for me at first. And they are still too short for high speed cruising in my opinion. So, if you have to spend some time learning crossovers anyway, it doesn't matter 90x4 or 100x4 you choose (hope I managed to explain the logic). Longer frame give more roll and stability, but are harder to accelerate and turn.

Speaking about your case, I don't really know. If you have long straight runaways, I'd lean towards longer variant from two given.
100s may feel too heavy, but I saw several ladies on 100x4 and 100-90-100-100 attached to slalom boot (RB Maxxum, Sebas etc) and they looked statisfied. Must try on to know for sure how it feels.

Trix have 165 mounting, you can buy them with shorter frames and will have an opportunity to try a longer frame in future. And switch back if it feels bad. Used speed skating frames don't cost much, here in Russia you can get 100x4 with wheels for a price below 100 USD. In "a land down under" things must be cheap too

PS be careful choosing those slalom boots, they are often harsh and have few room in a toe box.
PSS long frames have two main variants of spacing: 165 and 195 mm (some other like 150, 160, 180 are present but rare), and (again rarely) 2nd wheel rub problem.
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