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Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
I thought they must just pop out of the way of curved inline wheels, rather than act like doorstoppers on the flat faces of quad wheels!

I'll definitely still be wearing protection for my training, but how do so many inline skaters get away without wearing protection if it's still easy to fall? I rarely see pics of inline skaters wearing more than wrist guards.

Many if not most will "pop" out of the way, at least much better then quads. Trail snakes (root bumps) small sticks and such are still trouble. And as Mort said watch out for cracks in the direction of travel.
Now about those sticks etc. Always keep some knee bend and skate with your weight a bit more on the rear wheels. even more when you see them coming. It will let you roll over them. Think of a boat, if you put all the weight in front it will try to dive down, if you have more weight in back it will try to ride up and over.
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