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Thanks so much everyone for your responses! This helps a ton. Had a shudder at the thought of losing an entire foot down a footpath crack - I'll mostly be on roads though (I feel too fast and too responsible to go hurtling along footpaths shared by little old ladies), and cannot imagine going onto trails.

The skates I'm leaning towards now are the Seba Trix 2 90 and I can always switch out the frame for a 4x100 with 165mm mount. I know the Trix is a slalom boot but they are sold on a bunch of GT frames as well, plus I think one of the marathon frames, so must be versatile and comfortable for some doing my sort of distances. I do like extra room in the toe box and certainly seek this in the ultra running shoes I wear, but in skating I'm coming over from quads - derby skates specifically - and I guess am used to tight and responsive boots on my hooves.

The other option is the GT range, either GT90 or GT100. Perhaps I haven't quite got my eye in for the aesthetics of inlines yet, but they just don't look so comfortable to me! Unfortunately I live in regional Queensland and there are no skate shops nearby at all, so I must purchase online. Maybe for my first inlines at least I'll choose a boot that's closer to what I know rather than a hard shell type..
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