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Seba Trix2 90 are currently marketed as a GT (Gran Touring) style skate, good for long distance cruising. I have not heard anyone say the Trix2 is tight or crushing, like the Seba's true slalom models. I picked up a pair last summer. I mostly like them. The boot is very cushy and comfortable, and gets good forward-backward ankle flexing, while maintaining sideways support. I do wish they were a bit more breathable, though. They get hot and sweaty in the summer time. The one thing I will warn you against is the stock 90mm Seba wheels are junk. They are dirt slow. Skating on them felt like slogging through mud. They would start to slow down drastically as soon as I finished my stride. No glide whatsoever, and it showed in my average times (15% slower than my old 80mm wheels). I'm currently using 80mm Atom Ones with my Seba Trix2 (with an old 80mm frame), but have a set of 90mm Atom Ones to try with the GT frame next season.

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