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Originally Posted by boamraces View Post
If you want to stick with the rollerblade brand, the tempests are nice boots. Have you considered going up to 110mm wheels?
Thanks! I have considered going to 110s and it's funny you mention the Tempests. I tried a pair of those last spring and even bought a set of 110 wheels so that I could send the boot back if I didn't like them.

Sure enough, they were very uncomfortable and I did send them back. The funny thing is, my hazy new-dad head can't remember what I didn't like about them - but something hurt me to the point that I said, "these aren't going to work." I know that's unhelpful, sorry.

Your comment, though, did remind me that I still have my set of MPC Black Magic 110mm wheels with about 5 miles on them. You're right, I should move to 110s so that I can use those.
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