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I did 10 minutes ON followed by 4 minutes rest; the plan was to do 5 reps. I ended up doing 6 or 7 reps. 5 would have been plenty- wish I had only done 5. Skating was about what I thought it would be, maybe a little better. After the workout, I was much more tired than normal, that's when I really felt I was still sick. You know when you're hungry but don't have the energy to cook dinner? I will clean the mucus off my skates and go again today and stop after 5 repeats.

I was sick for more than 3 weeks, over the worst of it, then I got on a plane and picked up another bug and went through pretty much the exact same thing again. At least the second time round I had my mom making pecan pie for me so it wasn't all bad!
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