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Definitely get it checked out by a doctor. It would help to know how to treat it best.

This may sound crazy, but I'd recommend a chiropractor, get in good alignment. Sometimes they have SUPER VALUABLE advice. I was heating my sore joint, but it turns out it needed to be iced! Weird, right? I've actually found chiropractors more helpful than traditional doctors, BUT MY INJURIES WERE NOT SERIOUS.

Also, I'd recommend taking Glucosamine with Chondrointin (it's a pill). It helps lubricate joints. That recommendation came from my dad who is 77years old and still completes at downhill skiing. He snowboards, windsurfs, inline skates, roller skates, ice skates and recently started freeline skating. He's my hero. 77 years old!

I noticed that when I went from inline skating, to roller skating, that my knees bothered me a bit at first too, but eventually they stopped hurting. I'm not sure why though. I hope you get some good advice here. I'm not a doctor, however, I'm sure there will be better advice. If you need time to recover, don't worry, just take your time.
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