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Smile All the suggestions are great and keep trying to skate!

Dear Kaykay,

I agree with everything everybody has been saying. I think I do all of the above, but a equipment change or adjustment might be needed.

You might think about changing the adjustment on your quad skates. If the trucks are two tight they can be tough or extra hard on the knees. If you can still skate on looser/wobbly trucks that could help take strain off the knees.

If you can loosen up the “truck” action or how your skates turn, this can take some strain off your knees, trying to force your knees to bend or push your weight around because your skates don’t turn as easily as you push, can be extra tough on the knees.

2) Personally I eat a steak every night and I think the Food/Steak helps rejuvenate the sore knees, more than just about everything else you can eat.

3) Plenty of rest and getting off the sore knees is vital. Your body/knees need as much rest as they can possibly get. Get off your legs and rest them as much as you can.

4 Since you only skate on the weekends for 2-4 hours, maybe you need to skate a little less, like maybe only 1-2 hours so it is not as hard on your knees until they get stronger.

5) Personally I started skating last year after a 40 year lay off and I my legs hurt everyday. I could barely walk, but I continued to skate every day. Sometimes I could barely walk and I would have to stop skating for a whole month, barely being able to walk because my knees hurt so bad. I was a “cripple”. I walked like somebody 90 years old.

6) Because I am retired, I can rest as much as I want and I can skate as much as I like. After one year, my legs are getting stronger and I skate everyday for 3-4 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Eating well, losing weight, skating only as much as the body can take and resting well and staying off my feet when not skating, as well as having skates and boots that are adjusted to take as much strain off the legs are vitally important.

I even think skating backwards and using other muscles in the legs and around the knee joints is vital in reducing the fatigue in the legs after skating.

Good luck and don’t hurt yourself and be careful.


Larry Otani
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