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Default Nordic or not

Started ice skating about a year ago with my 7 year old & both got some second hand inline hockey skates thinking we could get some practise off ice on them. Didnít really get round to practicing much on the in lines for a while & when I did found then very different to ice skates & didnít really like them, felt very restricted, they seemed to just want to go in a straight line & pivoting from forwards to backwards was really odd. Bought some new wheels (the ones they had on when I got them were really worn) & decided to try a rockered set up to see if it would feel more like ice skating. Happy to say they now feel a bit closer to ice & I feel less restricted when I skate them, which so far has been mainly to help with my (now) 8 year olds off ice training for hockey.
Started trying to use skates instead of my bike when I need to make local trips, the pavement in my area is really chewed up & uneven & Iím finding the hockey inlines wheels too small to cope with them.
Started looking at the 110 & 125 triskates from Powerslide thinking that I would help, then discovered the Nordic style skates with the pneumatic tyres.
Really like the look of this style of skate, looks like it would roll over all the terrible pavement in my area & also manage on the even worse stuff once I get out of town. I also used to run, but have stopped due to an achilles injury last year, this has made me think about if running was really doing me any good, I had to have an ice bath after anything over 10 miles otherwise my knees would be stiff the next day. I like the idea of these Nordic skates taking over from running as a way to keep fit, as well as a way to get around instead of a bike.
Does anyone have any experience with both the fixed boot style of the Powerslide & the use you own shoe style of the Skike. What are the advantages of each style? Are they skate able without poles? Planning on using the poles for workout sessions but would like it to be possible to skate without if Iím using them as transportation skates. Any opinions on the braking system on the different skates & the anti reverse hubs on the Skikes?

Sorry for the long post but I canít go see & try the different options so would like to hear others opinions before I make a decision
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