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Just having no a look at the possibility of mounting the powerslide boot on the Skike frame & noticed a few things that are worth mentioning

Firstly the tools that come with the Powerslides are , as is probably a expected with bundled tools, not up to the job, the supplied Allen key for the mounting bolts is pretty much useless for removing the boots. The boot that does not have a brake fitted has the hole location already marked on the cuff so another brake could be easily fitted. The frame also still has a hole in the right place to allow the mounting of the cuff brake that used to be supplied on the older Nordic skates from Powerslide.
From first impressions yesterday Iíd say a calf brake is preferable to a cuff mounted brake. The cuff brake suffers from the stiffness in the movement of the cuff (this may get looser in time, I couldnít say as these are my first pair of skates with a cuff, my in lines are hockey skates) so small adjustments are harder because the cuff does not return the brake away from the tyre as easily as the more freely moving calf brake.
In an ideal world Iíd like to get another cuff brake & a pair of Powerslide calf brakes to test (a problem that came up in my research with the old style calf brake from Powerslide was the rubber brake pad, most didnít like it & felt the metal pad in the newer skates was better) but Iíve already spent too much on this so I guess Ill never know.
Going to skate them both for a bit & dig my tools out to investigate the possibility of bolting the Powerslide boots to the Skike frame
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