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Originally Posted by ese002 View Post
Skate hills.

You will build strength and power going up.

Going down (assuming it isn't very steep) gives you the opportunity to use those long, low strides that you may not have the strength yet to employ effectively on the flats. It also lets you get used to going fast. It is not the same as going slow.
I second this. I have a gentle downhill that I try to skate fast on. At first the speed freaked me out, even though I wasn't going any faster than I ran when I was in high school (I'm in my fifties now). And it was weird to me that I reach the bottom more out of breath than at the top of the hill.

My hill is pretty gentle and not very long, but at first I couldn't really skate up it - it was more of a walk in skates. When I could glide a bit as I skated up the hill, it was a big victory.

Another thing that I find myself doing is not really pushing. I'll just be letting my feet slide out to the side but not pushing hard. When I concentrate on pushing, my speed increases rather a lot (and so does my effort, of course). I'm trying to gradually increase the strength of my pushes and the length of time I push hard as my fitness improves.

When I started skating outdoors a couple of years ago, I was skating about 5-6 mph. Now I'm up to 9-10 mph for 5-7 miles at a time.
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